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Tip #8: Reusing Candle Containers

Thinking of reusing the glass jars that your candles come in? You're not alone. Most of the container candles come in glass jars, whether it's a clear or colored jar, because glass can withstand high temperature. Instead of throwing them away, you can re-use them as planters...organizers, craft storage, etc. To get rid of the old wax and the wick, prepare a water bath just warm enough to melt the wax and loosen the wick from the bottom of the container. Water bath tip: You can use an old pan and fill it with water just enough to cover the bottom of the container. When the water is ready, dip the container in. When the wax has completely melted, take the...

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Tip #7: Candle Storage Temperature

Love candles? We do too. Buy more than one at a time? Us too!!! When you love candles as much as we do, you will want to make sure you store them correctly until you use them. If the candles are made of 100% soy wax, chances are the candle will be sensitive to high temperature and the candle will start to "sweat". If you notice little globules starting to form, that's ok. The candle is fine, the wax just has a lower melting temperature. Our recommendation: Keep candles in a cool and dry place and make sure that candles are segregated from anything flammable.

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Tip #6: Set a Timer

When lighting up a candle or multiple candles or tea lights, make sure it is in a visible area and set a reminder to check after every few hours. The maximum recommended continuous burn time is 4 hours, any more than that and the containers start to really heat up...which can be dangerous. Use your phone or a kitchen timer (if you're home) and set a reminder for the 4-hour mark.

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Tip #5: Handle With Care

Our next tip? Avoid touching container once lit. It's ok to move the jars / containers that the candles are in right after you light it, but once it's lit for more than a few minutes, the jar / container starts to get really warm. And we mean, really, really warm. Start with touching the bottom of the container because chances are the wax at the bottom of the container have not melted yet and is cooler to the touch, unless your candle is almost out, in which case you should replace it with a new one.

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Tip #4: Buy from artisans

Unlike big name candle companies, candles made by artisans often offer better quality candles. Just notice the way the wax melts...are there unmelted wax along the side of the container? This is called tunneling. Does the scent give you a headache or you can barely smell it?  Candles made by small businesses put a lot of care in their work, they pay attention to the details. They use high quality wax and fragrance oils to give you and your home that warm and fuzzy feeling about a candle you just bought.

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