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Tip #13: Wax Melter Maintenance

Using a wax melter? Did you know that you have to clean your wax melter at least twice a month to get the "gunk" of old waxes off? How? When the wax is in liquid state (melted), take a cotton ball and dip it into the melter. It will absorb the old wax. Repeat until no wax residue is left.  When the wax melter has cooled, use alcohol wipe to remove wax residue and scent residue.  Now you can reuse!

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Tip #12: Things to do with old candles / wax melts

Got too much wax melt? Got old candles? No problem. Did you know that you can use these as car fresheners? Take wax melts and place them inside a small glass container, place excess wax melts into the container, and leave in the car. When it is hot, the wax will melt inside the glass container and make your car smell really good! Old candles? No problem. Take them and place them in your bathroom, it will definitely improve the smell!

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Tip #11: Surface for Candles

Candles should be placed on a solid surface, preferably metal or glass. Any stable surface that's away from flammable items is ideal. Avoid wood and plastic surfaces or paper-based surfaces as they heat up and become flammable. Glass and metals have higher melting point making them safer surfaces for candles. Also, we recommend that you avoid placing candles on wire racks since they can fall off balance and create a fire hazard. Lastly, please remember to  use candle holders or coasters whenever possible.

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Tip #10: Ventilation in the Room

When lighting a scented candle in an enclosed area, make sure that there is enough ventilation. Some candles have what they call a strong "hot throw", the amount of fragrance the candle gives off when lit. Candles with strong throws are usually pleasant until someone is allergic or is sensitive to the smell. In which case, you have to ensure that the smell can easily dissipate from the room. In well ventilated rooms, the smell usually goes away once the candle is snuffed. If not, here are a few suggestions: Snuff the candle, taking care to avoid inhaling the fumes. Use a small fan to blow the fragrance away from the area. Do not move candle if there is a...

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Tip #9: Colored Wax and Your Clothes

Fond of scented and colorful candles and melts? Here's a tip, when candles are lit and a pool of melted wax has formed, be careful about moving them. If at all possible, do not move the candle. If you have to move it, be careful. If you have to move a container or pillar candle, chances are the bottom part is the coolest part. Before taking the candle, place the back of your finger gently on the bottom of the candle to make sure that it is cool enough (or has not heated yet) to move.  When moving the candle from its original container, watch the melted pool of wax and take care not to spill it during transfer. If...

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