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Tip #16: Hot and Cold Throw

Many candle fanatics ask us...what hold and cow throw mean...So here is a simple answer: Cold Throw: How strong a scent is in a candle when it is not lit. Hot Throw: How strong the scent fills an area when it is lit. Just because a candle has a weak cold throw, does not mean that it will not have a good hot throw. In my experience, sometimes, candles with a mild cold throw actually have a pretty good hot throw (and you don't want it too strong anyway)...Chandlers (official name of candlemakers) have to adhere to the recommended "fragrance load" so do not worry...besides, candles poured by Green Papaya have been tested and are made "nose-friendly".

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Tip #15: Candles and Warm Weather

Store candles in a cool, dry place. Candles in containers (jars) are usually softer than the free-standing pillar candles...therefore, when it gets to about 90 degrees (F), they start to sweat. This is totally ok, simply wipe off the melted wax and light as desired.

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Tip #14: Tealights

Tea lights are one of our faves, Green Papaya tealights last for up to 8 hours! Soy wax burns much slower than paraffin, which allows candle afficionados more time to enjoy the warmth and scent it gives off. We recommend mixing and matching, light two tea lights with two different scents and see what you come up with!

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Tip #13: Wax Melter Maintenance

Using a wax melter? Did you know that you have to clean your wax melter at least twice a month to get the "gunk" of old waxes off? How? When the wax is in liquid state (melted), take a cotton ball and dip it into the melter. It will absorb the old wax. Repeat until no wax residue is left.  When the wax melter has cooled, use alcohol wipe to remove wax residue and scent residue.  Now you can reuse!

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Tip #12: Things to do with old candles / wax melts

Got too much wax melt? Got old candles? No problem. Did you know that you can use these as car fresheners? Take wax melts and place them inside a small glass container, place excess wax melts into the container, and leave in the car. When it is hot, the wax will melt inside the glass container and make your car smell really good! Old candles? No problem. Take them and place them in your bathroom, it will definitely improve the smell!

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